Friday, 16 November 2012

The 2002

Hello everyone and welcome!

This is a blog based on photography and the stories that created the moments in the frame. So first a little bit about me!

My name is Cejay, I'm 21, currently working for an events management and production company, have just finished studying a Bachelor of Communications and am engaged to a beautiful girl named Jessica. So you could say I think I know everything about nothing...or nothing about everything...

Anyway here is my first photo!

This is my BMW 2002 from 1973 that I bought for my 21st birthday. It's a project car so it isn't running at the moment, but the story behind this car is amazing. It was first bought in Melbourne way back in the 70s where it was loved and cared for by the same family for decades. Then in the 90s it was sold and driven up from Melbourne all the way to Oberon NSW! It was used around their farm until 2012 when it's new family decided to sell it because it no longer worked. After sitting out the front of a mechanics for several weeks it finally found itself some company. Me!

That's not me in the photo by the way. The one in the jersey is my younger brother Addison and the other person is the guy who was selling it. I'm sitting in the car, maybe if you squint you can see me. Ok back to the story. I wasn't the first one to have laid eyes on it. A few nights earlier some rowdy teenagers decided to kick in the door for fun. Poor car. But I was there to save the day!

After some negotiating we winched him (yes him) up onto the back of the trailer and were ready to set off! Here we come Sydney! The drive back was perilous, having to traverse The Blue Mountains I was scared for the '02s safety. But we arrived home in one piece and let it roll off the trailer into what would become its hibernation home (the driveway).

This car encapsulates my imagination in a story which I'm sure I have only delved partly into. Although this European sedan may not be road worthy yet, one day it will drive a road worthy of its heritage, we me in it!

Until next time!



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